Welcome to devopsdays.in   It’s a tech blog about IT related topics, mostly on Linux technology, Cloud and Devops. This blog is for everyone who is interested in the world of Information technology in general, but in Open Source software in particular. Here I put down my experience with different Cloud Solutions, Operating Systems, and Devops Practice written to be used in it.

Some of the information posted here may be useful for you, some may not. Feel free to learn from this site and implement to your own use cases as necessary. I take absolutely no responsibility or liability for any damages you incur from following any advice or information found within in this blog. Be smart, and make sure you do all of your research before hitting enter on your own machines.

No copyright

I have no copyright on the content that is posted on this blog. Some of the content is my own images and words, other elements not quite. I try to credit the creators of content I borrow. If I can’t find the source, I post the content without a source.

Anyway, if I violate some copyright laws in my blog, that’s not intended, most likely. Pass me a message and I will credit your work, make a link to your website, or if needed, I will remove the content.


Feel free to leave me some comments on the post or contact me at “admin at devopsdays dot in”. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see you around.

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