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DevOps (a clipped compound of development and operations) is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.-Wikipedia

From the above definition, it is clear that DevOps is not about any tools or technologies. It is a philosophy for making different IT teams work together to deliver better and fast results through continuous feedback.

Understand DevOps in a better way.

The developer team writes code for the application, security and for bug fixes. Once the development is over the code will be given to the operations team for deployment. The developer team has to wait for days for the code to be deployed in the production environment. After deployment, the application might not work the way in worked in the development environment. It happens when the development environment is not identical to the production environment. The operations team will work on the necessary changes to make sure the application is running smoothly. The operations team will face problems again because of the new code. They might think the problems are caused because of the bugs in the code and developer team might think there is some issue with the configurations made by the operations team. There should be something to make the development and operations team work better. Here is where Devops comes into play.

What Is then DevOps?

Organizations trying to achieve DevOps for their projects need people with collaborative skills, willing to change and adopt new technologies, a good understanding of systems, automation tools, CI tools, Version control systems, understanding of networking etc. that are required for getting the app into production without much delay. Also, the design or the pipeline designed by the team should be able to deliver small updates or releases without much manual intervention. This could happen only if there is a cultural shift in the way you work.

Devops is a philosophy which aims at integrating the developers and operations teams for improving productivity and collaboration by automating infrastructure, code deployments and continuous monitoring of applications. It means building a relationship between the developers and operations team to work together and share responsibilities. A DevOps team automates everything from infrastructure provisioning to code testing and deployments.

Instead of writing big chunks of code which takes days and months of testing, small chunks are written, integrated and tested frequently to speed up the application delivery process. Moreover, the development and production environments will the have the same configuration’s so that the application will run on a production server like it did in the development environment.

Also, instead of configuring the software and hardware manually , DevOps team will write configuration management scripts or codes to bring the deployment infrastructure to the desired state ( eg: web servers, OS specification, hardware specification, application configurations etc ). So server provisioning, scaling, application testing and deployment can be automated.

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